Monday, February 21, 2011

With A Lingering Taste In My Mouth

In a heartbeat, I am found
In the distance, I am lost
In your eyes, I see myself
In how you see me
I'm a fucking mess. Am I simply confused?
Or is it the world that is mad?
It is the eyes that see that never see themselves
It's the heart that feels everything but the feeler
Residing in the surf of waves of emotion
Attentive. Attention focused inward
Musings on the withdrawn
Fortified in the solace of stars
So it will be
Why are you so worried?
Where you are in the grand scheme of things
is right where you need to be
Fantasically patient
Beautifully colored with the mark of what is
What's coming
What has been
Irrelivant to the point you strive for
Borderlined on classical thought
Reaching deeper down
Reckless abandon
In a place of feeling
Of feeling
Of grace and gratitude
Towering on the shoulders of giants
Peering over the edge of the earth
Why are you waiting?
Constantly waiting
Have you lived today?
Passing out what you can, while you can
From within
Not without